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new kitchens fitted brighton and hove_edited.jpg

Sharp and well balanced

One of those kitchens where a lot of stuff needed to fit neatly in a limited space. We managed it. It included one of our signature features which is a huge range of drawers in the corner and then we managed to fit in the limited remaining space a dishwasher, washing machine and sink and we hid the boiler [ so well  you can’t spot it in the pictures] It’s finished with a range of simple but really colourful shelves to display some of Mrs F’s gorgeous glassware.


Where do I put a fridge freezer… the hob…the oven…the microwave…the dishwasher…the bins… the boiler…the shelves for my nice stuff…oh…and the washing machine!


Another white glossy handle less.


The colour co ordination and the glass shelves and the delicate painted finishes

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