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Recharged and Revitalised

We were due to start Mrs S the day before the first major COVID lockdown. Do you remember that? We do. What should we do? The right thing. That’s a sort of company motto. Of course, it was a disappointment all round but eventually some months later the project got under way and the kitchen was transformed. Stupid corner carousels were replaced with proper drawers and the worktop was renewed and made deeper so all the appliances were under the worktop instead of stuck out. New bins and new fresh bright doors. The cost was about ten thousand pounds …half the price of a new kitchen but no one would know that from looking at it.


Very tired old plastic falling apart maple looking doors and worktops that were didn’t cover the appliances properly. Fix it. Save most of the carcasses.


Ash satin lacquered handmade doors and drawers and new laminate deeper worktops..


Rubbish base cupboards now funky working drawers

Let us show you how to transform your kitchen

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