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Compact design

This is perhaps one of my favourite kitchens of all time. Mrs W was moving into a converted annex on the side of her daughter’s house. The living room is also the kitchen so it was important to make it look beautiful… be practical…and of course get all those essential appliances in place. If you think about it all kitchens today require a sink and taps, a hob and oven…a fridge… probably a freezer and if there is nowhere else a washing machine…not forgetting the microwave. The smaller the kitchen the harder it is to accommodate everything and still have storage and still have working area. One of the reasons we do so many small bespoke kitchens like this is because it would be virtually impossible to make this work with conventionally sized standard units. To achieve this I had to design a worktop area with unusual angles… in other words not right angles and not even 45 degree angles. It makes for a slightly asymmetric space but look what we achieved. Starting from the left and going clockwise we fitted an integrated freezer with a large area of work surface above and a dresser unit built into the alcove of the old doorway into the main house. Then an integrated washing machine. Then a small country style butler sink then at an odd angle a huge set of drawers which accommodates every single pan, crockery  and utensils and then an integrated fridge with an oven above. All in a space 2.5 meters by just 1.8 meters. You might notice that we have built all the units down to the floor rather than waste than big gap[ called the plinth] under the units. 


 I  love this one. Best to read more about what and how it was designed. Making the kitchen in the living area…so needs to look cool… still function etc


White painted real wood showing the wood grains.


Every feature was the best one. Little gem.

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