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Kitchen Design Sussex_edited.jpg

Long…sleek…pale powder blue and metro tiles

One of those long kitchens over five meters. It needed, so we provided a big tall double unit which became a specialised mini laundry room. 1200 wide and up to the ceiling it contained the washing machine and the boiler and laundry baskets and hangars for the clothes to dry. Then a long run of super sized drawers. On the other side we made a custom larder in Oak.  

The main side was a shaker painted finish and then we made a peninsula unit which then after more design discussions was turned into an actual mobile unit with drawlers. Finally some stunning tiles. 


Long kitchen no where for washing machine or laundry


Spray painted shaker doors and on other side Oak dresser and oak mobile


Tall laundry cupboard hides boiler = washing machine and dryer…room for clothes hanginf and laundry baskets

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