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Hint of Mediterranean Olive

This calm, inviting kitchen space provided us with the perfect opportunity to showcase our ...............

The simple, square wide door pattern aligns with our clients’ choice of a soft, neutral colour scheme creating a light, bright space where the high ceilings, of the property are allowed to truly shine. The use of unlipped birch ply for the shelves and cutlery inserts of our kitchen name further underlines this celebration of natural features and materials.

We believe this design is both beautiful in it’s simplicity and yet clever in it’s functionality. The ceiling extractor has been concealed behind one of the supporting beams, the area by the door has been turned into a boot room and utility, while the alcoves have been repurposed to provide both a walk-in pantry and some wine storage.

The Modular Kitchen; quality without compromise.


Keep my nice black granite get rid of the old oak doors…change cupboards for drawers


Alabaster glossy and olive glass.


Accessibility and light.

Let us show you how to transform your kitchen

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