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Me in a very classic Burr Oak

A rather exceptional and original kitchen. The doors were constructed using the finest burr oak veneers (The same veneers that are used in Rolls Royce motor cars.) There are multiple rows of useful drawers. Best feature. A huge utility and storage cupboard; a handmade radiator cover; a pull-out custom larder with double door racks and a significant wine rack store. The worktops were Cambrian stone. We also designed a custom larder unit with a double back rack on the door.


To capture the essence of classic craftsmanship. Using burr Oaks like the ones used in rolls royce’s…brooms…wine racks and please…proper granite worksurfaces …very hand made this one.


Same as you get on the dashboard of a Rolls Royce Motor Car


Too many best features to list. Just brilliant all round.

Let us show you how to transform your kitchen

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