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Small but perfect

Now if you have been following our company progress and looking at how we can transform small spaces with our Tardis like ingenuity …well … you don’t need to go further than this one. It started as an unworkable U shape… typically the sink was right under the window but that meant the corners were more or less defunct. To start off we planned a galley… with a difference. Firstly, the worktops were made 700 deep …100mm deeper than the normal standard 600mm… so this meant that we ended up with plenty of work surface. On one side we managed to hide away the washing machine, the dryer, the dishwasher and the boiler.   And still have a set of drawers. On the other side a huge sink unit full of our ingenious drawers. Indeed, I have yet to come across another kitchen company that makes kitchen sink cabinets with this many drawers. We even managed a bin unit and a cooker and hob… all in a space 2.4 meters long and 2.3 meters wide. Later this year we are making a custom larder to go in the dining area!


How to fit way too much stuff into way too small a room


Blue grained wood.


We managed to follow the brief. Very happy clients.

Let us show you how to transform your kitchen

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